Legally Speaking: Bankruptcy Options

This is an excellent two minute video news clip in which a bankruptcy lawyer discusses bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a bankruptcy discharge and debts which are generally non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Also, check out our videos on Chapter 7 bankruptcy here and on Chapter 13 bankruptcy here and our Youtube bankruptcy channel here.  Contact Greenwood Law Firm today for a no-charge consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer.   


Debt is a two-way street

In this article about Donald Trump and bankruptcy, the author makes the following assertion which helps sum up the Greenwood Law Firm theory on insolvency and judgmentalism with regard to bankruptcy:

“Debt is a two-way street, with both the borrower and the lender taking a gamble on an economic endeavor they hope will pay off sometime in the future. Both are equally responsible for making sure the risk they’re taking isn’t a stupid one, and both are equally obligated to eat the losses if things go south. Neither one is intrinsically more sympathetic or morally righteous than the other.”

At Greenwood Law Firm we believe that bankruptcy is about insolvency – the inability to service one’s debts with one’s income.  We believe that insolvency can happen to anyone and insolvency can occur for an individual or a family in the most unpredictable ways.  In a nutshell, we are not in the business of judging clients and decisions but rather in the business of getting them financially healthy and getting them a financial fresh start.  Contact Greenwood Law Firm today for a judgment-free no-charge consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer.


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